Here is the rules for portfolio process… For audition in Holly
It is required for the model to complete a Hollywood portfolio you must be at least 4 hours free to complete this process. A Hollywood Portfolio is a requirement in order to work in the Hollywood industry. If your goal is to be a singer, actress or model it doesn’t matter everyone in the Hollywood industry is required to complete portfolio on file.

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The Hollywood process also helps us prove who is able to work in the Hollywood industry or not because Honestly Hollywood is not for everyone.

If you are shy, conservative or not confident or not able to take risk the job would not be for you

The portfolio have a total of 6 steps. The steps are sent directly to me and I will send them to you on here in a message.
Each step has photos of the top superstars in Hollywood. each step has about three-six photos. The individual going through the process will need to copy the poses and wear the same style outfits how the superstar is wearing there outfit once outfit is on they will record themselves on video and getting into pose and holding pose for 40 seconds. The reason for recording as a video is because our portfolio is graded by our machine. The machines are able to actually take the video format you recorded and match it with our celeb photo you will be copying..
Once you record the video and send to me the Machine will capture and take the photo of you and see how much you are matching with the photo. The process is completely simple and I understand that individuals may not have the same clothing like our Hollywood stars, but they will need to wear something that matches the styles on how the superstar is dressed. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the same outfit like the photo you will copy I will walk you through what to wear to match the outfit. When I send the photo you will have 6 minutes only to get into outfit record video and send before the 6 min timer

Due to the confidential agreement you have to be able to do this process on your own, that means when recording just lean your phone against something to record you and don’t have someone holding your phone to record you or the machine will fail due to confidential agreement.



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